AX R2 CU7: Intercompany timesheet, project group, posting bug

There’s a hotfix underway, from the Microsoft escalation team. It pertains to a scenario where you post intercompany timesheet lines, between two legal entities, that have projects with the same project id. If this is the case, the project group will be wrongfully chosen in the borrowing company.

Update will follow once the hotfix is delivered to us.

Update: It is located here on Lifecycle Services:

Cursor bulding error 2, System.AccessViolationException, Application Error

I ran into this issue today, crashing the client seemingly at random. However, the event viewer described three errors:




I googled all of them and only the second one (System.AccessViolationException) actually gave me something:

Solution: Clear *.auc files and User’s usage data.

As the link suggests, it may be due to code mismatch between server and client, however, in our case we had done no customization of the forms/classes that was executed.